Janvi Anand

Janvi Anand

Singer, Songwriter, and Acoustic Guitarist

Janvi Anand is a Los Angeles based Indian guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, entrepreneur, and teacher. She has performed extensively as a solo artist in India and is currently performing in California as an Acoustic Pop Rock artist.

A keen interest in music from a very young age led Janvi to explore various instruments. After experimenting with guitar, piano, and drums, she settled on the guitar as her main instrument. She explains “There is something about the acoustic guitar that no other instrument has. You can so easily combine the piano on your left hand, percussion on your right, play a bass line while playing your harmony. You have the complete band in one instrument.” Her inclination towards contemporary music and an attempt to be a one-man band led her to attend Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California in early 2015. A TC Helicon and Shubb Capo endorsed artist, she is also a recipient of a Musicianship scholarship and a scholarship from D’addario on the basis of her musical abilities. Janvi released her debut EP “Inside these Pages” on 1st October 2015 followed by her first full length album “Faces of Love”, released on 11th March 2017. It is a concept album, with every song being a different love story inspired by stories of her loved ones. A strong believer in the importance of quality music education, Janvi started her own music school in 2012. “Crescendo Institute of Music”, based in New Delhi, India has grown tremendously since it was established and is poised to provide quality music education at par with international standards.


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  1. 440 Volt Bulb Faces of Love 3:47
  2. Faces of Love Faces of Love 3:24
  3. The Girl on a Train Faces of Love 3:47
  4. Perfectly Imperfect Faces of Love 4:29
  5. How Can I? 2:55
  6. Come with me to Another World Faces of Love 4:07
  7. Wish You Goodnight Faces of Love 3:52
  8. To be your Husband, I'll be your Wife Faces of Love 2:50
  9. Lose Myself in You Faces of Love 3:11
  10. Tattoo Your Name Faces of Love 2:26
  11. Don't Care Where it Goes Faces of Love 5:08
  12. Come Home Inside These Pages 2:45
  13. Will You Love Me Too? Inside These Pages 3:10
  14. Sonnet Inside These Pages 3:02
  15. Closer Inside These Pages 3:22
  16. Take Inside These Pages 4:04
  17. Sing To Me Inside These Pages 2:38
  18. Uptown Girl - Cover Janvi Anand 2:55
  19. As Long As You Love Me - Cover Janvi Anand 3:35
  20. Kiss Me - Cover Janvi Anand 4:31

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